The Legend of Bagger Vance

The Legend of Bagger Vance is a 2000 American sports drama film directed by Robert Redford and produced by Michael Nozik, Jake Eberts and Robert Redford.  The screenplay was written by Jeremy Leven and is based on the 1995 novel The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life by Steven Pressfield.

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The Legend of Bagger Vance Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains some sexual content)
Run Time:  2h 6min
Release Date:  November 6, 2000 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sports
Director:  Robert Redford
Studio:  Dreamworks Pictures
Budget:  $80 Million
Box Office:  $39.5 Million

Fool’s Gold stars Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron, Bruce McGill, Joel Gretsch, J. Michael Moncrief, Peter Gerety, Lane Smith,Carrie Preston and Jack Lemmon.

The Legend of Bagger Vance is the story of Hardy Greaves (Jack Lemmon), an old man having his sixth heart attack while playing golf contemplates how his wife used to ask him why he insisted on playing “a game that seems destined to kill” him. Explaining his love for the game, he begins the story of his childhood idol, Captain Rannulph Junuh (Matt Damon).

During the Great Depression, Georgia socialite Adele Invergordon (Charlize Theron) announces a publicity-garnering high-stakes match play exhibition at her struggling family golf course, featuring the greatest golfers of the era including Walter Hagen (Bruce McGill) and Bobby Jones (Joel Gretsch). The townspeople insist on having “one of their own” compete for the grand prize of $10,000 and nominate Rannulph Junuh to represent Savanah. Junuh was one of the best golfers in Savanah but his career and life were derailed by World War I.

Junuh has not touched a club in years and as he dusts off the old sticks he discovers his game is weak and that he lost touch with his swing. As he hits balls into the dark night, seemingly out of nowhere a man walks into his life and changes it forever. The man introduces himself as Bagger Vance (Will Smith) and asks Junuh if he might have something warm to eat and a place to rest his feet. Bagger asks why he is hitting balls so late and Junuh tells him he was asked to play but has lost his ability. Bagger insists he just need to find his swing and offers to Caddy for him and help him regain his “authentic swing“. Junuh agrees to play in the big match and finds his swing and regains his life.

Movie Quotes

“I hear you lost your swing. I guess we got to go find it.” – Bagger Vance 
“Interestin’ match.” – Rannulph Junuh
“I’ve always thought so.” – Adele Invergordon

“”See, the trick is… to find your swing.” – Bagger Vance
“What’d you say?” – Rannulph Junuh
“Well you lost your swing… we got to go find it… no it’s somewhere… in the harmony… of all that is… all that was… all that will be.” – Bagger Vance

“Whose out there?” – Rannulph Junuh
“Just me. Just a man trying to find a place to rest his tired feet, taking in some of God’s glory. My what a night!” – Bagger Vance
“I could have killed you out there!” – Rannulph Junuh
“Oh no sir. See. I set myself directly in front of ya. Judging by the way you’d been hitting them balls I figured that’s where I’d be out of harms way.” – Bagger Vance

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Movie Stars

Will Smith as Bagger Vance

Matt Damon as Rannulph Junuh

Charlize Theron as Adele Invergordon

Bruce McGill as Walter Hagen

Joel Gretsch as Bobby Jones

J. Michael Moncrief as Hardy Greaves

Peter Gerety as Neskaloosa

Lane Smith as Grandland Rice

Carrie Preston as Idalyn Greaves

Jack Lemmon as Narrator / Old Hardy Greaves

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Big Fish

Big Fish is a 2003 American fantasy drama adventure film directed by Tim Burton and produced by Richard D. Zanuck, Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks.  The screenplay was written by John August and is based on the novel Big Fish: A Novel of Epic Proportions by Daniel Wallace.

Big Fish | Big Fish Movie Poster | 2003 | Ewan McGreggor | Albert Finney | Billy Crudup | Jessica Lange | Helena Bonham Carter | Alison Lohman | Robert Guillaume | Marion Cotillard | Matthew McGrory | David Denman | Missi Pyle | Steve Buscemi | Danny DeVito | Miley Cyrus | Deep Roy | Tim Burton | |
Big Fish Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains fighting, brief nudity and suggestive references)
Run Time:  2h 5min
Release Date:  January 9, 2004 (USA)
Genre:  Adventure, Fantasy, Drama
Director:  Tim Burton
Studio:  Columbia Pictures
Budget:  $70 Million
Box Office:  $122.9 Million

Big Fish stars Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, Jessica Lange, Helena Bonham Carter, Alison Lohmman, Robert Guillaume, Marion Cotillard, Matthew McGrory, David Denman, Missi Pyle, Steve Buscemi, Danny DeVito, Miley Cyrus and Deep Roy.

Big Fish is the story of the incredible life of Edward Bloom (Albert Finney), a charismatic story teller and his estranged son Will (Billy Crudup) who is an international journalist. Will gets news from his mother Sandra (Jessica Lange) that his father is stricken with cancer and the doctors have decided to discontinue chemotherapy treatments. She tells him that he should return to see him one last time before he passes.

Upon hearing the news, Will and his wife Josephine (Marion Cotillard), a French freelance photojournalist who is pregnant with their first child, leave their Paris home to return to Will’s hometown of Ashton, Alabama. Will has not spoken to his father since his wedding where he married Josephine 3 years ago. Will’s issue with his father is the fanciful tales Edward has told of his life, throughout his life, not only to Will but the whole world.

With a child on the way, Will doesn’t want to be the kind of father Edward was to him. Edward was a traveling salesman and largely absent. As a result, Will believes his father to be a liar that never really cared for his family. Now, sitting at his fathers bedside, Will begs him father to be himself. He so dearly wants to figure out who he really was. He wants to finally separate the fact from fiction in all of his stories. His father tells Will that he has been nothing but himself since the day he was born, and if he can’t see that, it is his fault and not Edward’s.

Meanwhile, his father suffers a stroke and is no longer able to tell stories. He is able to ask to tell him a story of how his life ends. Deciding to play along, Will tells his own impromptu tall tale. His father regains some strength and Will tells him that they escape from the hospital and jump into Edwards old car and they speed to a nearby river, where all their friends and family are waiting. Instead of a funeral, they are holding a goodbye party, and Edward happily bids them farewell as he transforms into a catfish and swims away. Shortly afterwords, Edward passes. Will is the only one present when his father dies and is deeply happy they connected at last.

At Edward’s funeral, Will, Josephine, Sandra and Edward’s doctor are the only ones in attendance. Then a long line of cars, vans and buses arrive and it is here that Will becomes astonished to see all of the characters from Edward’s stories show up to pay their respects to Edward. However, each of them is slightly less fantastical than they’re described in Edward’s stories. It finally becomes clear that Edward had combined his love for storytelling with his own reality, which finally made sense to Will. When his own son is born, Will passes the stories on to him, remarking that his father became his stories allowing him to live forever.

Movie Quotes

“There are some fish that cannot be caught. It’s not that they are faster or stronger than the other fish, they’re just touched by somethin’ extra.” – Ed Bloom (Young) 
“You were a big fish in a small pond, but this here is the ocean and you’re drownin’. Take my advice, go back to Puddleville; you’ll be happy there.” – Amos Calloway

“It was that night I discovered that most things you consider evil or wicked are simply lonely, and lackin’ in the social niceties.” – Ed Bloom (Young)

“In tellin’ the story of my father’s life, it’s impossible to separate fact from fiction, the man from the myth. The best I can do is tell it the way he told me. It doesn’t always make sense and most of it never happened… but that’s what kind of story this is.” – William Bloom

“They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true. What they don’t tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up.” – Ed Bloom (Senior)

A man tells his story so many times that he becomes the stories. They live on after him, and in that way he becomes immortal.” – William Bloom (Young)

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Movie Stars

Ewan McGreggor as Ed Bloom (Young)

Albert Finney as Ed Bloom (Senior)

Billy Crudup as Will Bloom

Jessica Lange as Sandra Bloom

Helena Bonham Carter as Jenny (Young) / The Witch

Alison Lohman as Sandra Bloom (Young)

Robert Guillaume as Dr. Bennett (Senior)

Marion Cotillard as Josephine Bloom

Matthew McGrory as Karl the Giant

David Denman as Don Price (Age 18-22)

Missi Pyle as Mildred

Steve Buscemi as Northern Winslow

Danny DeVito as Amos Calloway

Miley Cyrus as Ruthie (Age 8)

Deep Roy as Mr. Soggybottom

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Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky is a 2001 American romantic mystery thriller film directed by Cameron Crowe and produced by Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner and Cameron Crowe.  The screenplay was written by Cameron Crowe and is based on ‘Abre Los Ojos‘ by Alejandro Amenabar Mateo Gil.

Vanilla Sky | Vanilla Sky Movie Poster | 2001 | Tom Cruise | Penelope Cruz | Cameron Diaz | Kurt Russell | Jason Lee | Noah Taylor | Timothy Spall | Tilda Swinton | Michael Shannon | Conan O'Brien | William Mapother | Steven Spielberg | Johnny Galecki | Alicia Witt | Ivana Milicevic | Shalom Harlow | Cameron Crowe | |
Vanilla Sky Movie Poster

Rated:  R (movie contains sexuality and strong language)
Run Time:  2h 16min
Release Date:  December 14, 2001 (USA)
Genre:  Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Director:  Cameron Crowe
Studio:  Paramount Pictures
Budget:  $68 Million
Box Office:  $203.4 Million

Vanilla Sky stars Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Kurt Russell, Jason Lee, Timothy Spall, Tilda Swinton, Michael Shannon, Conan O’Brien, William Mapother, Steven Spielberg, Johnny Galecki, Alicia Witt, Ivana Milicevic and Shalom Harlow.

Vanilla Sky is the story of David Aames Jr. (Tom Cruise), a self-indulgent and vain publishing tycoon who is involved in a horrific car accident caused by a resentful lover. McCabe (Kurt Russell) is a police psychologist who is interviewing Aames about the events that led to his incarceration. David has been charged with a murder he cannot remember and wears a mysterious pale mask.

David is a playboy and womanizer who finds romantic redemption when he falls in love with his best friend’s girlfriend Sofia (Penelope Cruz). Before that relationship can begin, however, David is coaxed into a car driven by an ex-lover, Julie (Cameron Diaz) who turns out to be suicidal. Driving her car off a bridge, Julie kills her self and horribly disfigures David.

Reconstructive surgery and the loving support of Sofia seem to reverse David’s luck, but eerie incidents are soon making him question the reality of his existence and his control over his life, even while he is suspected of complicity in Julie’s death.

Movie Quotes

“Most of us live our whole lives…without any real adventure to call our own.” – Rebecca Dearborn 
“Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.” – Sofia Serrano

“There is no murder. There is no murder!” – David Aames

“Even in the future, the sweet is never as sweet without the sour.” – Edmund Ventura

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Tom Cruise as David Aames

Penelope Cruz as Sofia Serrano

Cameron Diaz as Julie Gianni

Kurt Russell as McCabe

Jason Lee as Brian Shelby

Noah Taylor as Edmund Ventura

Timothy Spall as Thomas Tipp

Tilda Swinton as Rebecca Dearborn

Michael Shannon as Aaron

Conan O’Brien as Himself

William Mapother as Clubgoer

Steven Spielberg as Guest at David Aames Party

Johnny Galecki as Peter Brown

Alicia Witt as Libby

Ivana Milicevic as Emma

Shalom Harlow as Colleen

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