The Family Man

The Family Man is a 2008 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Brett Ratner and produced by Marc Abraham, Jeff Levine, tony Ludwig and Alan Riche.  The screenplay was written by David Diamond and David Weissman.

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The Family Man Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains sensuality and some language)
Run Time:  2h 5min
Release Date:  December 22, 2000 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Director:  Brett Ratner
Studio:  Universal Pictures




The Family Man stars Nicolas Cage, Tea Leoni, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Piven, Josef Sommer, Saul Rubinek, Mackenzie Bega, Lisa Thornhill, Harve Presnell, Mary Beth Hurt, Amber Valletta, Francine York, Robert Downey Sr. and Paul Sorvino.

The Family Man is the story of Jack Campbell (Nicolas Cage), a fast-lane hot-shot Wall Street investment broker living the single life in Manhattan.  He has a great apartment, drives a fantastic car and has a way with the ladies.  On Christmas Eve, two days before he is to close a multi-billion dollar merger, Jack gets a phone message from Kate Reynolds (Tea Leoni), a woman he almost married 13 years earlier.  Jack remembers her but he did not find time to return her call.  After work on his way home, Jack is in a convenience store when a young man named Cash (Don Cheadle) enters claiming to have a winning lottery ticket worth $238.  The store clerk refuses to pay him stating the ticket is a forgery.  Cash pulls out a gun and threatens him, so Jack offers to buy the ticket and Cash eventually agrees.

Outside the store, Jack tries to help Cash, to which he responds by asking Jack if anything is missing from his life.  Jack says he has everything he needs, whereupon Cash enigmatically remarks that Jack has brought upon himself what is now going to happen, and walks away.  A puzzled Jack returns to his penthouse and sleeps.

On Christmas Day, Jack wakes up in a suburban New Jersey bedroom with Kate and two children.  He freaks out and rushes out to his condo and office in New York, but both doormen refuse him entrance and do not recognize him.  Jack runs out into the street and encounters Cash driving Jack’s Ferrari.  Although Cash offers to explain what is happening, all he says is a vague reference to “The Organization” and that Jack is getting “a glimpse” which will help him to figure our for himself what it’s about.

Slowly he realizes that he’s living the kind of life he might have had if he had stayed with Kate.  They have a modest family life, where is is a car tire salesman for Kate’s father and she is a non-profit attorney.  Furthermore, Annie (Mackenzie Vega), Jack’s young daughter, thinks he is an alien but a friendly one and assists him in fitting into his new life.

Movie Quotes

“I’m in the middle of a deal! – Jack
“Well, you’re working on a new deal now, baby.” – Cash 
“The did a pretty good job.” – Annie
“Who did?” – Jack
“The aliens, in the mother ship. You look just like him.” – Annie

“How can you do that?” – Kate
“What?” – Jack
“Look at me like you haven’t seen me every day for the last 13 years.” – Kate

“A little flirtation is harmless but you’re dealing with fire here. The fidelity bank and trust is a tough creditor. You make a deposit somewhere else, they close your account… FOREVER.” – Arnie

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Nicolas Cage as Jack Campbell

Tea Leoni as Kate Reynolds

Don Cheadle as Cash

Jeremy Piven as Arnie

Josef Sommer as Peter Lassiter

Saul Rubinek as Alan Mintz

Mackenzie Vega as Annie Campbell

Lisa Thornhill as Evelyn Thompson

Harve Presnell as Big Ed

Mary Beth Hurt as Adelle

Amber Valletta as Paula

Francine York as Lorraine

Robert Downey Sr. as Man in House

Paul Sorvino as Sydney Potter