Focus is a 2015 American romantic crime comedy-drama film directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and produced by Denise Di Novi.  The screenplay was written by Glenn Ficarra and john Requa.

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Rated:  R (movie contains brief nudity and sexual content)
Run Time:  1h 45min
Release Date:  February 27, 2015 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance
Director:  Andy Tennant
Studio:  Warner Bros. Pictures
Budget:  $50.1 Million
Box Office:  $159.1 Million

Focus stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Adrian Martinez, Gerald McRaney, Rodrigo Santoro, BD Wong, Brennan Brown, Robert Taylor, Stephanie Honore, Griff Furst and Dominic Famusa.

Focus is the story of Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith), seasoned and accomplished con-man whose game is thrown off by a beautiful blonde named Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie). Seeing potential in Jess as a player in next big con and even though she is a novice, he takes her under his wing and teaches her the tricks of the trade. All goes well until the two get closer than Nicky would like and after the con, Nicky ends the relationship and leaves her.

Three years later, Nicky is in Buenos Aires working a very dangerous scheme when Jess, now a legitimate femme fatale, unexpectedly shows up. Her appearance throws Nicky for a loop at a time when he cannot afford to be off his game in any way.

Nicky is working a long con involving Garriga (Rodrigo Santoro), an international race car owner and billionaire who is interested in purchasing a software program that will help his Formula 1 race team triumph. Nicky agrees to help Garriga sell a fake version  of the program to his competitors, but as the plan goes in motion he discovers Jess and Garriga are a couple. As old feelings complicate the new arrangement, Nicky mush also contend with the no-nonsense Owens (Gerald McRaney), Garriga’s head-of-security who openly distrusts Nicky.

While Jess swears that she is on Nicky’s side and also is conning the billionaire, in a business like Nicky’s where loyalty and trust are non-existent, it’s hard to know which side she is really on.

Movie Quotes

“There’s two kinds of people in the world. There’s hammers and there’s nails. You decide which one you want to be. There’s no room for heart in this game. It will get you killed.” – Nicky
“At the end of the day, this is a game of focus. It all comes down to focus. If you can focus someone on one thing, they don’t know what else you are doing in the background to potentially harm them.” – Nicky

“Never drop the con. Die with the lie.” – Nicky

“I can convince anyone of anything. I once convinced a man that a warehouse was the Federal Reserve. So I’m good.” – Nicky
“You’re Nicky Spurgeon. They call you the best inside man that’s ever been.” – Jess
“There’s a science to getting people to trust you and then you move in for the kill. It’s all about emotion and connection.” – Nicky

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Will Smith as Nicky

Margot Robbie as Jess

Adrian Martinez as Farhad

Gerald McRaney as Owens

Rodrigo Santoro as Garriga

BD Wong as Liyvan

Brennan Brown as Horst

Robert Taylor as McEwen

Stephanie Honore as Janice

Griff Furst as Gareth

Dominic Famusa as Jared

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