Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is a 2002 American biographical spy comedy film directed by George Clooney and produced by Andrew Lazar.  The screenplay was written by Charlie Kaufman and is based on the book ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ by Chuck Barris.

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Movie Poster

Rated:  R (movie contains language, sexual content and violence)
Run Time:  1h 53min
Release Date:  January 24, 2003 (USA)
Genre:  Biography, Action, Spy, Comedy, Crime, Drama
Director:  George Clooney
Studio:  Miramax




Confessions of a Dangerous Mind stars Sam Rockwell, Drew Barrymore, George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Michael Cera, Rutger Hauer, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Hall, Jerry Weintraub, Michael Ensign, Richard Kind, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Dick Clark.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is the story about 1970’s television game show producer , Chuck Barris (Sam Rockwell).  After working as a personal assistant to Dick Clark, Barris is making a name for himself in the television industry and pitches his idea for a new game show called “The Dating Game”.  His launch, it became one of the networks biggest hits and he pitched his idea for a second game show called “The Newlywed Game”.  Success was becoming his nameplate and Barris pitched a new show called “The Gong Show”.  Chuck Barris was both the producer and the host of the wildly popular show that highlighted ordinary wanna-be performers who were then judged by a panel of semi-celebrity judges and had to make it through their performance before they were eliminated with the ringing of a giant gong.

At the height of his career, Barris was recruited by CIA operative Jim Byrd (George Clooney) and by day he was a television producer and by night he was a CIA assassin working as a covert operative for the United States government.  As ratings rose, Barris incorporates his shows into his secret life with the travel prizes being destinations that provided him cover for his covert missions.  Chuck Barris claims to have killed 33 people during his career.

Movie Quotes

“Leave the mocrofilm in, baby.” – Patricia Watson 
“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it gladly, because there is no work, love, knowledge or wisdom in the grave.” – Chuck Barris

“When yo are young, your potential is infinite. You might do anything, really. You might be Einstein. You might be DiMaggio. Then you get to an age where what you might be gives way to what you have been. You weren’t Einstein. You weren’t anything. That’s a bad moment.” – Chuck Barris

“It’s Gene Gene the Dancing Machine!” – Chuck Barris

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Sam Rockwell as Chuck Barris

Drew Barrymore as Penny

George Clooney as Jim Byrd

Julia Roberts as Patricia Watson

Michael Cera as Chuck at age 8 and 11

Rutger Hauer as Keeler

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Debbie

Jennifer Hall as Georgia

Jerry Weintraub as Larry Goldberg

Michael Ensign as Simon Oliver

Richard Kind as Casting Executive

Dick Clark as Dick Clark

Brad Pitt as Brad

Matt Damon as Matt