Backdraft is a 2001 American dramatic action mystery thriller film directed by Ron Howard and produced by Richard B. Lewis, John Watson, Pen Densham and Brian Grazer.  The screenplay was written by Gregory Widen.

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Backdraft Movie Poster

Rated:  R (movie contains language and a scene of sensuality)
Run Time:  2h 17min
Release Date:  May 24, 1991 (USA)
Genre:  Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Director:  Ron Howard
Studio:  Universal Pictures
Budget:  $40 Million
Box Office:  $152.4 Million

Backdraft stars Kurt Russell, William Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Donald Sutherland, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Scott Glenn, Rebecca De Mornay, Jason Gedrick, J.T. Walsh, David Crosby, Gregory Widen, Jack McGee, Cedric Young, Clint Howard and Anthony Mockus Sr.

Backdraft is the story of two Chicago firefighting brothers, Stephen McCaffrey (Kurt Russell) and Brian McCaffrey (William Baldwin), who have been rivals since childhood and don’t really get along with each other. Brian is Stephen’s younger brother and is a rookie firefighter struggling to earn the respect of his older brother and other firefighters in the unit. Desperate to prove himself, Brian transfers to the arson unit where he aids Donald Rimgale (Robert De Niro) in his investigation into a spate of fires involving oxygen-induced infernos called backdrafts. But when a conspiracy implicating a crooked politician and an arsonist leads Brian back to Stephen, he is forced to overcome his brotherly competitiveness in order to crack the case.

Movie Quotes

“You go, we go!” – Stephen McCaffrey 
“You see that glow in the corner of your eye. It’s you career dissipation light and it’s going into overtime.” – Martin Swayzak
“If anyone’s lights are about to go out, believe me, they are yours.” – Stephen McCaffrey

“You did it all the way. You were really a hero.” Brian McCaffrey
“Brian…its not about being a hero. I went in because there was a kid up there. I do what I do because that’s my way. And it was Dad’s way. Maybe it”s not everybody’s way.” – Stephen McCaffrey

“In a word, Brian, what is this job all about?” – Donald Rimgale
“Fire” – Brian McCaffrey
“It’s a living thing, Brian. It breathes, it eats, and it hates. The only way to beat it is to think like it. To know that this flame will spread this way across the door and up across the ceiling, not because of the physics of flammable liquids, but because it wants to. Some guys on this job, the fire owns them, makes ’em fight it on it’s level, but the only way to truly kill it is to love it a little. Just like Ronald.” – Donald Rimgale

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Movie Stars

Kurt Russell as Stephen McCaffrey / Dennis McCaffrey

William Baldwin as Brian McCaffrey

Robert De Niro as Donald Rimgale

Donald Sutherland as Ronald Bartel

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Jennifer Vaitkus

Scott Glenn as John Adcox

Rebecca De Mornay as Helen McCaffrey

Jason Gedrick as Tim Krizminski

J.T. Walsh as Marty Swayzak

David Crosby as 70’s Hippie

Gregory Widen as Engine Lieutenant

Jack McGee as Schmidt

Cedric Young as Grindle

Clint Howard as Ricco

Anthony Mockus Sr. as Chief John Fitzgerald