Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is a 1990 American romantic comedy film directed by Garry Marshall and produced by Arnon Milchan, Steven Reuther and Gary W. Goldstein.  The screenplay was written by J.F. Lawton.

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Rated:  R (movie contains strong language, sexuality and brief drug use)
Run Time:  1h 59min
Release Date:  March 23, 1990 (USA)
Genre:  Romance, Comedy
Director:  Garry Marshall
Studio:  Touchstone Pictures and Buena Vista Pictures
Budget:  $14 Million
Box Office:  $463.4 Million

Pretty Woman stars Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Hector Elizondo, Laura San Giacomo, Jason Alexander, Ralph Bellamy, Amy Yasbeck, Alex Hyde, Hank Azaria, Elinor Donahue and Larry Miller.

Pretty Woman is the story of wealthy businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) and a Hollywood Boulevard prostitute Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) who meet each other while Edward is town on a business trip.  Edward is a corporate raider and his company buys distressed companies and breaks them apart and sells the pieces for huge profits.

Currently, Edward and his lawyer Philip Stuckey (Jason Alexander) have their sights set on taking over the ship building company owned by the increasingly insolvent James Morse (Ralph Bellamy). Edward needs a date for a fancy dinner with Morse and his grandson and meets Vivian working the street and he hires her to be his date and stay with him for the weekend.

Edward buys her appropriate clothes for the events and as they spend more time together, he begins to fall for her.  It’s a modern update on Cinderella and they discover there are significant hurdles to overcome as they try to bridge the gap between their very different worlds.

Movie Quotes

“It’s just that very few people surprise me.” – Edward Lewis
“Well you’re lucky. Most of ’em shock the hell out of me.” – Vivian Ward 
“What’s your name?” – Edward Lewis
“What do you want it to be?” – Vivian Ward

“People’s reactions to opera for the first time they see it is very dramatic. They either love it or hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don’t, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul.” – Edward Lewis

“I appreciate this whole seduction thing you’ve got going on here, but let me give you a tip: I’m a sure thing.” – Vivian Ward

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Movie Stars

Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward

Richard Gere as Edward Lewis

Hector Elizondo as Barney Thompson

Laura San Giacomo as Kit De Luca

Jason Alexander as Philip Stuckey

Ralph Bellamy as James Morse

Amy Yasbeck as Elizabeth Stuckey

Hank Azaria as Detective

Elinor Donahue as Bridget

Larry Miller as Mr. Hollister

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