A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is a 2008 American biographical drama film directed by Marielle Heller and produced by Youree Henley, Peter Saraf, Marc Turtletaub and Leah Holzer.  The screenplay was written by Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster and is based on the novel ‘Can You Say…Hero?’ by Tom Junod.

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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Movie Poster

Rated:  PG (movie contains some strong thematic material, a brief fight and some mild language)
Run Time:  1h 49min
Release Date:  November 22, 2019 (USA)
Genre:  Biography, Drama
Director:  Marielle Heller
Studio:  Sony Pictures Releasing
Budget:  $25 Million
Box Office:  $67.8 Million

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood stars Tom Hanks, Matthew Rhys, Chris Cooper, Maryann Plunkett, Enrico Colantoni, Wendy Makkena, Noah Harpster, Christine Lahti, Carmen Cusack and Daniel Krell.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood is the real-life story of a deep friendship developed between Fred Rogers (Tom Hanks) and journalist Lloyd Vogel (Matthew Rhys).

Lloyd Vogel is a journalist for Esquire magazine and is known for his cynical writing style. His editor Ellen (Christine Lahti) assigns him a 400-word profile piece for their upcoming issue on Heroes and wants him to profile Mr. Rogers who is a well known children’s television icon. Lloyd feels the article is beneath him but begrudgingly accepts the assignment and agrees to interview him and travels to the WQED studio in Pittsburgh to interview Mr. Rogers.

Determined to expose Rogers’ friendly persona as an act, Lloyd watches several episodes of his show but is unable to discern anything. As he spends more time with Mr. Rogers he overcomes his skepticism, learning about empathy, kindness, and decency, and finds his perspective on life transformed.

Movie Quotes

“Just think about all the people who loved us into being.” – Fred Rogers 
“He’s just about the nicest person I’ve ever met. I just don’t know if he’s for real.” – Lloyd Vogel

“Do you know what forgiveness means? It’s a decision we make to release a person from the feelings of anger we have against them.” – Fred Rogers

“What’s it like to be famous?” – Lloyd Vogel
“Fame is a four-letter word. What matters is what we do with it.” – Fred Rogers

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Movie Stars

Tom Hanks as Fred Rogers

Matthew Rhys as Lloyd Vogel

Chris Cooper as Jerry Vogel

Susan Kelechi Watson as Andrea Vogel

Maryann Plunkett as Joanne Rogers

Enrico Colantoni as Bill Isler

Wendy Makkena as Dorothy

Noah Harpster as Todd

Christine Lahti as Ellen

Carmen Cusack as Margy

Daniel Krell as Mr. McFeely

Jessica Hecht as Lila Vogel

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Focus is a 2015 American romantic crime comedy-drama film directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa and produced by Denise Di Novi.  The screenplay was written by Glenn Ficarra and john Requa.

Focus | Focus Movie Poster | 2015 | Will Smith | Margot Robbie | Adrian Martinez | Gerald McRaney | Rodrigo Santoro | BD Wong | Brennan Brown | Robert Taylor | Stephanie Honore | Griff Furst | Dominic Fumusa | Glenn Ficarra | John Requa | www.myalltimefavorites.com | www.myalltimefavoritemovies.com
Focus Movie Poster

Rated:  R (movie contains brief nudity and sexual content)
Run Time:  1h 45min
Release Date:  February 27, 2015 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance
Director:  Andy Tennant
Studio:  Warner Bros. Pictures
Budget:  $50.1 Million
Box Office:  $159.1 Million

Focus stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Adrian Martinez, Gerald McRaney, Rodrigo Santoro, BD Wong, Brennan Brown, Robert Taylor, Stephanie Honore, Griff Furst and Dominic Famusa.

Focus is the story of Nicky Spurgeon (Will Smith), seasoned and accomplished con-man whose game is thrown off by a beautiful blonde named Jess Barrett (Margot Robbie). Seeing potential in Jess as a player in next big con and even though she is a novice, he takes her under his wing and teaches her the tricks of the trade. All goes well until the two get closer than Nicky would like and after the con, Nicky ends the relationship and leaves her.

Three years later, Nicky is in Buenos Aires working a very dangerous scheme when Jess, now a legitimate femme fatale, unexpectedly shows up. Her appearance throws Nicky for a loop at a time when he cannot afford to be off his game in any way.

Nicky is working a long con involving Garriga (Rodrigo Santoro), an international race car owner and billionaire who is interested in purchasing a software program that will help his Formula 1 race team triumph. Nicky agrees to help Garriga sell a fake version  of the program to his competitors, but as the plan goes in motion he discovers Jess and Garriga are a couple. As old feelings complicate the new arrangement, Nicky mush also contend with the no-nonsense Owens (Gerald McRaney), Garriga’s head-of-security who openly distrusts Nicky.

While Jess swears that she is on Nicky’s side and also is conning the billionaire, in a business like Nicky’s where loyalty and trust are non-existent, it’s hard to know which side she is really on.

Movie Quotes

“There’s two kinds of people in the world. There’s hammers and there’s nails. You decide which one you want to be. There’s no room for heart in this game. It will get you killed.” – Nicky
“At the end of the day, this is a game of focus. It all comes down to focus. If you can focus someone on one thing, they don’t know what else you are doing in the background to potentially harm them.” – Nicky

“Never drop the con. Die with the lie.” – Nicky

“I can convince anyone of anything. I once convinced a man that a warehouse was the Federal Reserve. So I’m good.” – Nicky
“You’re Nicky Spurgeon. They call you the best inside man that’s ever been.” – Jess
“There’s a science to getting people to trust you and then you move in for the kill. It’s all about emotion and connection.” – Nicky

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Movie Stars

Will Smith as Nicky

Margot Robbie as Jess

Adrian Martinez as Farhad

Gerald McRaney as Owens

Rodrigo Santoro as Garriga

BD Wong as Liyvan

Brennan Brown as Horst

Robert Taylor as McEwen

Stephanie Honore as Janice

Griff Furst as Gareth

Dominic Famusa as Jared

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Love Actually

Love Actually is a 2003 British Christmas-themed romantic comedy film directed by Richard Curtis and produced by Duncan Kenworthy, Tim Bevan, Eric Pellner, Debra Hayward and Liza Chasin.  The screenplay was written by Richard Curtis.

Love Actually | Love Actually Movie Poster | 2003 | Bill Nighy | Gregor Fisher | Colin Firth | Hugh Grant | Keira Knightley | Liam Neeson | Emma Thompson | Alan Rickman | Laura Linney | Chiwetel Ejiofor | Rowan Atkinson | Martin Freeman | January Jones | Billy Bob Thornton | Elisha Cuthbert | Claudia Schiffer | Denise Richards | Shannon Elizabeth | Thomas Brodie-Sangster | Ivan Milicevic | Marlene McCutchen | Richard Curtis | www.myalltimefavorites.com | www.myalltimefavoritemovies.com
Love Actually Movie Poster

Rated:  R (movie contains sexuality, nudity and language)
Run Time:  2h 15min
Release Date:  November 14, 2003 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director:  Richard Curtis
Studio:  Universal Pictures
Budget:  $45 Million
Box Office:  $248.5 Million

Love Actually stars Bill Nighy, Gregor Fisher, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightley, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Laura Linney, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rowan Atkinson, Martin Freeman, January Jones, Billy Bob Thornton, Elisha Cuthbert, Claudia Schiffer, Denise Richards, Shannon Elizabeth, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ivana Milicevic.

Love Actually follows the lives of eight very different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic month before Christmas in London, England about romantic love and the obstacles to happiness.

The newly elected Prime Minster (Hugh Grant) falls in love with a young junior staffer (Marlene McCutcheon); A married man, Harry (Alan Rickman) and Karen (Emma Thompson) have been in a stable long term marriage but Harry is tempted by his attractive new assistant Mia (Heike Makatsch); Daniel’s (Liam Neeson) wife has just died, leaving him to take care of his adolescent stepson Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) by himself; Sarah (Laura Linney), a desperate young American girl finally takes courage to talk to Karl (Rodrigo Santoro) who she has been in love with for two years; Jamie (Colin Firth), a writer travels to the south of France on a writing retreat trying to forget about catching his latest girlfriend (Sienna Guillory) with another man and meets and falls in love with Aurelia (Lucia Moniz), the Portuguese housekeeper; Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) is an aging rock star who wants to record something new and doesn’t want to compromise his work.

The characters are falling in love, falling out of love, some are with the right people, some are with the wrong people, some are looking to have an affair, some are in the period of mourning; a capsule summary of reality. At all ages and social levels, love is the theme.

Movie Quotes

“The thing about romance is people only get together right at the very end.” – Sam
“We may be a small country, but we’re a great one, too. The country of Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles, Sean Connery and Harry Potter. David Beckham’s right foot. David Beckham’s left foot, come to that.” – The Prime Minster

“Which doll shall we give Daisy’s little friend Emily? The one that looks like a transvestite or the one that looks like a dominatrix?” – Karen

“Don’t buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free!” – Billy Mack

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Bill Nighy as Billy Mack

Gregor Fisher as Joe

Colin Firth as Jamie Bennett

Hugh Grant as The Prime Minster

Keira Knightley as Juliet

Liam Neeson as Daniel

Emma Thompson as Karen

Alan Rickman as Harry

Laura Linney as Sarah

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Peter

Rowan Atkinson as Rufus

Martin Freeman as John

January Jones as Jeannie

Billy Bob Thornton as The U.S. President

Elisha Cuthbert as Carol-Anne

Claudia Schiffer as Carol

Denise Richards as Carla

Shannon Elizabeth as Harriet

Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Sam

Ivana Milicevic as Stacey

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Judy is a 2019 American biographical drama film directed by Rupert Goold and produced by David Livingstone.  The screenplay was written by Tom Edge and is based on the novel ‘End of the Rainbow‘ by Peter Quilter.

Judy | Judy Movie Poster | 2019 | Renee Zellweger | Jessie Buckley | Finn Wittrock | Rufus Sewell | Michael Gambon | Richard Cordery | Royce Pierreson | Darci Shaw | Andy Nyman | Bella Ramsey | Gemma-Leah Devereux | John Dagliesh | Lucy Russell | Rupert Goold | www.myalltimefavorites.com | www.myalltimefavoritemovies.com
Judy Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains substance abuse, thematic content and some strong language)
Run Time:  1h 58min
Release Date:  September 27, 2019 (USA)
Genre:  Biography, Drama, Romance
Director:  Rupert Goold
Studio:  LD Entertainment & Roadside Attractions and 20th Century Fox
Budget:  $18 Million
Box Office:  $39.8 Million

Judy stars Renee Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock, Rufus Sewell, Michael Gambon, Richard Cordery, Royce Pierreson, Darci Shaw, Andy Nyman, Bella Ramsey, Gemma-Leah Devereux, John Dagliesh and Lucy Russell.

Judy is the biographical story of famous American singer and actress Judy Garland (Renee Zellweger / Darci Shaw) and follows her career during the last year of her life when she relocated her stage career to England.

Garland tentatively accepted the invitation of the London impresario, Bernard Delfont (Michael Gambon), to perform a five-week-long series of concerts at the at the Talk of the Town nightclub in London in the winter of 1968. While there she reminisces with friends and fans and begins a whirlwind romance with musician Mickey Deans (Finn Wittrock), her soon-to-be fifth husband.

Sadly, her efforts eventually stop making progress and even start to worsen due to health issues. Dangerous long-standing habits push the beloved performer to her breaking point, threatening her chance for success. Will she be able to overcome the demons of her past?

Movie Quotes

“Always be a first rate version of yourself, instead of a second rate version of someone else.” – Judy Garland
“If I’m such a legend, then why am I so lonely? Let me tell you, legends are all very well if you’ve got somebody around who loves you.” – Judy Garland

“I just want what everybody wants. I just seem to have a harder time getting it.” – Judy Garland

“Do you take anything for depression?” – Doctor
“Four husbands. Didn’t work.” – Judy Garland

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Renee Zellweger as Judy Garland

Jessie Buckley as Rosalyn Wilder

Finn Wittrock as Mickey Deans

Rufus Sewell as Sid Luft

Michael Gambon as Bernard Delfont

Richard Cordery as Louis B. Mayer

Royce Pierreson as Burt Rhodes

Darci Shaw as Young Judy

Andy Nyman as Dan

Bella Ramsey as Lorna Luft

Gemma-Leah Devereux as Liza Minneli

John Dagliesh as Lonnie Donegan

Lucy Russell as Publicist

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Harriet is a 2019 American biographical drama film directed by Kasi Lemmons and produced by Debra Martin Chase, Daniela Taplin Lundberg and Gregory Allen Howard.  The screenplay was written by Gregory Allen Howard and Kasi Lemmons and is based on the story by Gregory Allen Howard.

Harriet | Harriet Movie Poster | 2019 | Harriet Tubman | Cynthia Erivo | Joe Alwyn | Leslie Odom Jr. | Clarke Peters | Vanessa Bell Calloway | Omar J. Dorsey | Henry Hunter Hall | Tom Guinee | Nick Basta | Joseph Lee Anderson | Antonio J. Bell | C.J. McBath | Alexis Louder | Aria Brooks | Janelle Monae | Zachary Momoh | Vondie Curtis-Hall | Jennifer Nettles | Kasi Lemmons | Underground Railroad | www.myalltimefavorites.com | www.myalltimefavoritemovies.com
Harriet Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains thematic content throughout, violent material and language)
Run Time:  2h 5min
Release Date:  November 1, 2019 (USA)
Genre:  Action, Biography, Drama
Director:  Kasi Lemmons
Studio:  Focus Features
Budget:  $17 Million
Box Office:  $43.3 Million

Harriet stars Cynthia Erivo, Joe Alwyn, Clarke Peters, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Omar J. Dorsey, Henry Hunter Hall, Ton Guinee, Nick Basta, Joseph Lee Anderson, Antonio J. Bell, C.J. McBath, Alexis Louder, Aria Brooks, Janelle Monae, Zachary Momoh, Vondie Curtis-Hall and Jennifer Nettles.

Harriet is the biographical story about freedom fighter Harriet Tubman (Cynthia Erivo), and her amazing escape from slavery and transformation into one of America’s greatest heroes, whose courage, ingenuity and tenacity freed hundreds of enslaved people on the Underground Railroad and changed the course of history in the face of growing pre-Civil war adversity.

Before escaping from the hands of her slave-owners in Maryland in 1849, Tubman was known as Araminta “Minty” Ross and worked at the Brodess plantation alongside her family members and husband John (Zachary Momoh); a free man on paper but not quite in practice in the racist South. Minty decides she will be free or die and escapes from it all through a series of acts that often feel like divine mysteries guided by faith and the bright light of the North Star.

She is aided by a few people along the way including Reverend Green (Vondie Curtis-Hall) and Thomas Garrett (Tom Guinee). Eventually Minty makes it over 100 miles alone to the Pennsylvania border and met with the prospect of a new life and fresh start. Once across the border she finds William Still (Leslie Odom Jr.) who leads an organization that helps escaped slaves, and Marie Buchanon (Janelle Monae), an entrepreneur who owns and runs the Philadelphia boarding house she moves into. William Still starts documenting her journey and tells Minty she can choose a new name as a free woman and she choose Harriet after her mother who went by the name Rit which was short for Harriet and Tubman which is her husbands last name and Harriet Tubman emerged a free black woman in Pennsylvania.

Missing her family, she risks her own freedom and travels back to Maryland to rescue her husband John. When she arrives to take him, she discovers he has remarried thinking that his beloved Minty had died. Disappointed, she rounds up 9 other slaves and helps them escape along the same route she had taken a year before. Harriet becomes a conductor on the Underground Railroad and embarks on an endless string of round-trip journeys down to the South, assuming a disguise and the nickname “Moses” and rescues more slaves with each miraculous expedition.

Movie Quotes

“Even now, you’re mine.” – Gideon Brodess
“I was never yours, Gideon. I was never nobody’s property. Ever since your daddy sold my sisters, I prayed for God to make me strong enough to fight. And that’s what I prayed for ever since. I reasoned that there was one or two things I had a right to. Liberty or death. If I couldn’t have one, I’d have the other.” – Harriet Tubman
“Fear is your enemy. Trust in God. The North Star will guide you. Follow that North Star. If there are no stars, just follow the river. If you can’t see the river, listen for it. When the river split, cross the high bridge over the rushing creek, and head straight north. After a few days time, Delaware River be on your right. Follow that to Wilmington. Look for a blacksmith and iron merchant named Thomas Garrett. I’ll send him word. May God be with you, child.” – Reverend Green

“John and me, we want our babies born free like they supposed to be.” – Harriet Tubman

“Whoa, easy now. Now, I’ve decided not to sell you after all. Fact is, I’d miss you. Now, you been there all my life, like your mama was all my daddy’s. Daddy vowed never to sell your mama. And I’m vowing never to sell you. Now, you can come on back and I won’t hurt you bad. You can stat at home, stay with John, stay with us. Would you like that?” – Gideon Brodess
“I’m going to be free or die.” – Harriet Tubman

“Here we are friend. Pennsylvania border. Shall I drive thee across, or would thee prefer to walk alone into freedom?” – Thomas Garrett
“I walk with the Lord.” – Harriet Tubman

“Well, I don’t know if you know how extraordinary this is, but by some miraculous means, you have made it one hundred miles to freedom, all by yourself. Would you like to pick a new name to mark your freedom? Most ex-slaves do. Any name you want.” – William Still
“They call my mama Rit, but her name Harriet. I want my mama name and my husband. Harriet Tubman.” – Harriet Tubman

I made up my mind, I’m going back. Without my husband and my family, I’m just a stranger in a strange land. If I’m free, they should be too. I’m going to go get them, one by one, starting with my husband.” – Harriet Tubman

“God don’t mean people to own people, Gideon! Our time is near.” – Harriet Tubman

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Cynthia Erivo as Harriet / Minty

Leslie Odom Jr. as William Still

Joe Alwyn as Gideon Brodess

Clarke Peters as Ben Ross

Vanessa Bell Calloway as Rit Ross

Omar J. Dorsey as Bigger Long

Henry Hunter Hall as Walter

Tom Guinee as Thomas Garrett

Nick Basta as Foxx

Joseph Lee Anderson as Robert Ross

Antonio J. Bell as Henry Ross

C.J. McBath as Junyah Ross

Alexis Louder as Jane

Aria Brooks as Anger (8)

Janelle Monae as Maria Buchanon

Zachary Momoh as John Tubman

Vondie Curtis-Hall as Reverend Green

Jennifer Nettles as Eliza Brodess

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The Two Popes

The Two Popes is a 2008 American biographical drama film directed by Fernando Meirelles and produced by Dan Lin, Jonathan Eirich and Tracey Seaward.  The screenplay was written by Anthony McCarten and is based on ‘The Pope‘ by Anthony McCarten.

The Two Popes | The Two Popes Movie Poster | 2019 | Two Popes | Anthony Hopkins | Jonathan Pryce | Juan Minujin | Luis Gnecco | Cristina Banegas | Sidney Cole | Lisandro Fiks | Thomas D. Williams | Emma Bonino | Federico Torre | Fernando Meirelles | www.myalltimefavorites.com | www.myalltimefavoritemovies.com
The Two Popes Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains thematic content and disturbing violent images)
Run Time:  2h 5min
Release Date:  November 27, 2019 (USA)
Genre:  Biography, Comedy, Drama
Director:  Fernando Meirelles
Studio:  Netflix
Budget:  $37 Million
Box Office:  $720,000

The Two Popes stars Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce, Juan Minujin, Luis Gnecco, Cristina Banegas, Sidney Cole, Lisandro Fiks, Thomas D. Williams and Federico Torre.

The Two Popes is an intimate story inspired by true events of one of the most dramatic transitions of power in the last 2000 years.

In April 2005, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce) is in Buenos Aires, Argentina when he receives news that Pope John Paul II has passed away. As is tradition, the Cardinals gather in Vatican City to elect a new Pope. At the time, the votes are split between Bergoglio, Joseph Ratzinger (Anthony Hopkins) and another Cardinal named Martini. Martini transfers his votes to Bergoglio, who doesn’t really want to be Pope, while Ratzinger campaigns hungrily for future votes and becomes Pope Benedict. Bergoglio returns to Argentina with plans to do simple work and then retire. Meanwhile Ratzinger’s tenure as Pope is marked by controversy and claims he is too conservative.

Frustrated with the direction of the church, in 2012 Cardinal Bergoglio requests permission to retire from Pope Benedict but Ratzinger feels that his resignation will look like a protest and criticism against him. Ratzinger grills Bergoglio on his more liberal views and Bergoglio explains he can’t be a salesperson for a product he does not believe in. He explains that while the church was dealing with its rituals and dogma, the real problem of inequality and injustice were ignored, especially the Church’s handling of sex abuses against children and Ratzinger angrily rebukes everything he says.

Instead, facing scandal and self-doubt, the introspective Pope Benedict summons his harshest critic and future successor to Rome to reveal a secret that would shake the foundations of the Catholic Church. Benedict explains that he really brought Bergoglio to Rome not to accept his retirement, but instead because he was retiring. Bergoglio is shocked, saying Popes can’t resign, and tells him not to do it, saying it would damage the papacy. He explains that he knew he could not retire if Bergoglio was resigning in case he was elected Pope. Bergoglio insists he couldn’t be Pope and doesn’t deserve to be Pope.

Behind Vatican walls, a struggle commences between both tradition and progress, guilt and forgiveness, as these two very different men confront their pasts in order to find common ground and forge a new future path for the Catholic Church and over a billion followers around the world. In 2013, Ratzinger retires, shocking the world. Bergoglio is elected to be the newest Pope and dubs himself Pope Francis.

Movie Quotes

“What is the hymn you are whistling?” – Pope Benedict
“Dancing Queen” – Pope Francis 
“There are no coincidences.” – Pope Francis

“We keep files on everyone so you don’t have to be flattered.” – Pope Benedict

“You have a spare cardinal hat?” – Pope Francis

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Anthony Hopkins as Cardinal Ratzinger / Pope Benedict

Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio / Pope Francis

Juan Minujin as Younger Jorge Bergoglio

Luis Gnecco as Cardinal Hummes

Christina Banegas as Lisabetta

Sidney Cole as Cardinal Turkson

Lisandro Fiks as Father Jalics

Thomas D. Williams as American Journalist

Federico Torre as Protodeacon Estevez

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Knives Out

Knives Out is a 2019 American mystery crime drama film directed by Rian Johnson and produced by Ram Bergman and Rian Johnson.  The screenplay was written by Rian Johnson.

Knives Out | Knives Out Movie Poster | 2019 | Daniel Craig | Chris Evans | Ana de Armas | Jamie Lee Curtis | Michael Shannon | Don Johnson | Toni Collette | LaKeith Stanfield | Christopher Plummer | Katherine Langford | Jaeden Martell | Riki Lindhome | Edi Peterson | Frank Oz | M. Emmet Walsh | Joseph Gordon Levitt | Rian Johnson | www.myalltimefavorites.com | www.myalltimefavoritemovies.com
Knives Out Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains thematic elements including brief violence, some strong language, sexual references and drug material)
Run Time:  2h 11min
Release Date:  November 27, 2019 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director:  Rian Johnson
Studio:  Lionsgate
Budget:  $40 Million
Box Office:  $294.8 Million

Knives Out stars Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, LaKeith Stanfield, Christopher Plummer, Katherine Langford, Riki Lindhome, Edi Peterson, Frank Oz, M. Emmett Walsh and Joseph Gordon Levitt.

Knives Out is the story of Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), the renowned investigator who has been hired to look into the apparent murder of famed writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). The culprit could be one of his family members: daughter Linda (Jamie Lee Curtis), son Walt (Michael Shannon), son-in-law Richard (Don Johnson), daughter-in-law Joni (Toni Collette), granddaughter Meg (Katherine Langford) or grandson Ransom (Chris Evans). Or maybe it’s his personal nurse Marta (Ana de Armas).

Movie Quotes

“This is a twisted web and we are not finished untangling it, not yet.” – Benoit Blanc
“What is this, CSI: KFC?” – Ransom Drysdale 
“Look around. The guy basically lives in a Clue board.” – Detective Elliot

“I’ve never been to a will reading before.” – Marta Cabrera
“Think of it as a tax return performed by a community theater.” – Benoit Blanc

“Funny, Ransom, you skipped the funeral, but you’re early for the will reading.” – Walt Thrombey

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Daniel Craig as Banoit Blanc

Chris Evans as Ransom Drysdale

Ana de Armas as Marta Cabrera

Jamie Lee Curtis as Linda Drysdale

Michael Shannon as Walt Thrombey

Don Johnson as Richard Drysdale

Toni Collette as Joni Thrombey

LaKeith Stanfield as Lieutenant Elliot

Christopher Plummer as Harlan Thrombey

Katherine Langford as Meg Thrombey

Jaeden Martell as Jacob Thrombey

Riki Lindhome as Donna Thrombey

Edi Peterson as Fran

Frank Oz as Alan Stevens

M. Emmet Walsh as Mr. Proofroc

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Detective Hardrock

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The Legend of Bagger Vance

The Legend of Bagger Vance is a 2000 American sports drama film directed by Robert Redford and produced by Michael Nozik, Jake Eberts and Robert Redford.  The screenplay was written by Jeremy Leven and is based on the 1995 novel The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life by Steven Pressfield.

The Legend of Bagger Vance | The Legend of Bagger Vance Movie Poster | 2000 | Legend of Bagger Vance | Will Smith | Matt Damon | Charlize Theron | Bruce McGill | Joel Gretsch | J. Michael Moncrief | Peter Gerety | Lane Smith | Carrie Preston | Jack Lemmon | Robert Redford | www.myalltimefavorites.com | www.myalltimefavoritemovies.com
The Legend of Bagger Vance Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains some sexual content)
Run Time:  2h 6min
Release Date:  November 6, 2000 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sports
Director:  Robert Redford
Studio:  Dreamworks Pictures
Budget:  $80 Million
Box Office:  $39.5 Million

Fool’s Gold stars Will Smith, Matt Damon, Charlize Theron, Bruce McGill, Joel Gretsch, J. Michael Moncrief, Peter Gerety, Lane Smith,Carrie Preston and Jack Lemmon.

The Legend of Bagger Vance is the story of Hardy Greaves (Jack Lemmon), an old man having his sixth heart attack while playing golf contemplates how his wife used to ask him why he insisted on playing “a game that seems destined to kill” him. Explaining his love for the game, he begins the story of his childhood idol, Captain Rannulph Junuh (Matt Damon).

During the Great Depression, Georgia socialite Adele Invergordon (Charlize Theron) announces a publicity-garnering high-stakes match play exhibition at her struggling family golf course, featuring the greatest golfers of the era including Walter Hagen (Bruce McGill) and Bobby Jones (Joel Gretsch). The townspeople insist on having “one of their own” compete for the grand prize of $10,000 and nominate Rannulph Junuh to represent Savanah. Junuh was one of the best golfers in Savanah but his career and life were derailed by World War I.

Junuh has not touched a club in years and as he dusts off the old sticks he discovers his game is weak and that he lost touch with his swing. As he hits balls into the dark night, seemingly out of nowhere a man walks into his life and changes it forever. The man introduces himself as Bagger Vance (Will Smith) and asks Junuh if he might have something warm to eat and a place to rest his feet. Bagger asks why he is hitting balls so late and Junuh tells him he was asked to play but has lost his ability. Bagger insists he just need to find his swing and offers to Caddy for him and help him regain his “authentic swing“. Junuh agrees to play in the big match and finds his swing and regains his life.

Movie Quotes

“I hear you lost your swing. I guess we got to go find it.” – Bagger Vance 
“Interestin’ match.” – Rannulph Junuh
“I’ve always thought so.” – Adele Invergordon

“”See, the trick is… to find your swing.” – Bagger Vance
“What’d you say?” – Rannulph Junuh
“Well you lost your swing… we got to go find it… no it’s somewhere… in the harmony… of all that is… all that was… all that will be.” – Bagger Vance

“Whose out there?” – Rannulph Junuh
“Just me. Just a man trying to find a place to rest his tired feet, taking in some of God’s glory. My what a night!” – Bagger Vance
“I could have killed you out there!” – Rannulph Junuh
“Oh no sir. See. I set myself directly in front of ya. Judging by the way you’d been hitting them balls I figured that’s where I’d be out of harms way.” – Bagger Vance

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Will Smith as Bagger Vance

Matt Damon as Rannulph Junuh

Charlize Theron as Adele Invergordon

Bruce McGill as Walter Hagen

Joel Gretsch as Bobby Jones

J. Michael Moncrief as Hardy Greaves

Peter Gerety as Neskaloosa

Lane Smith as Grandland Rice

Carrie Preston as Idalyn Greaves

Jack Lemmon as Narrator / Old Hardy Greaves

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Bombshell is a 2019 American biographical comedy-drama film directed by Jay Roach and produced by Aaron L. Gilbert, Jay Roach, Robert Graf, Michelle Graham, Charles Randolph, Margaret Riley, Charlize Theron, A.J. Dix and Beth Kono.  The screenplay was written by Charles Randolph.

Bombshell | Bombshell Movie Poster | 2019 | Charlize Theron | Nicole Kidman | Margot Robbie | John Lithgow | Allison Janney | Kate McKinnon | Connie Britton | Liv Henson | Brigette Lundy | Anne Ramsay | Elisabeth Rohm | P.J. Byrne | Alice Eve | Ashley Green | Holland Taylor | Malcolm McDowell | Richard Kind | Andy Buckley | Stephen Root | Brian d'Arcy James | Jay Roach | www.myalltimefavorites.com | www.myalltimefavoritemovies.com
Bombshell Movie Poster

Rated:  R (movie contains sexual material and language throughout)
Run Time:  1h 49min
Release Date:  December 13, 2019 (USA)
Genre:  Biography, Comedy, Drama
Director:  Jay Roach
Studio:  Lionsgate
Budget:  $32 Million
Box Office:  $47.2 Million

Bombshell stars Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, John Lithgow, Allison Janney, Kate McKinnon, Connie Britton, Liv Henson, Anne Ramsay, Elisabeth Rohm, P.J. Byrne, Alice Eve, Ashley Green, Holland Taylor, Malcolm McDowell, Richard Kind, Andy Buckley, Stephen Root and Brian d’Arcy James.

Bombshell is the story of Megyn Kelly (Charlize Theron), one of the Fox News network’s biggest personalities who discovers she’s not the only one to have been harassed by head honcho Roger Ailes (John Lithgow). She investigates the situation after former host Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) slaps Fox News founder Roger Ailes with a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment.

The story intertwines the stories of three different women who work at Fox News including Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson and Kayla Popisil. As Megyn Kelly prepares to moderate a debate of the Republican candidates for President in the 2016 primaries, Despite some push-back from colleagues, she is determined to ask Trump about his sexist comments toward women. Megyn is distressed at the amount of hate she receives after the debate and the fact that she became the story instead of reporting it.

Gretchen Carlson was the co-host of Fox and Friends, but war removed from that spot and given a less valuable afternoon one. After enduring sexist comment after sexist comment, sometimes on the air, she is tired of it and meets with an attorney. Her attorney tells her that her contract makes it tough to fight back and also that her workaround would be to sue Roger Ailes directly, but she would need hard evidence and other women would need to come forward.

Meanwhile, Kayla Popisil (Margot Robbie) is a young conservative woman raised in a religous home who worships the right-wing and conservative Fox News network. She began her career working under Carlson, until she is offered a promotion to Bill O’Reilly’s show, the network’s biggest program. She moves to O’Reilly and gets chewed out by him during her first day.

Upon word of the lawsuit, Roger meets with Rupert Murdoch (Malcolm McDowell), his longtime friend and owner of Fox News, and the term’s of Roger’s exit are settled. Megyn is informed that Roger is out while at the Republican National Convention. Murdoch enters the newsroom and gives a speech to everyone telling them that Roger is gone and that he will be taking over. Gretchen gets a settlement offer of twenty million dollars and an apology from Fox News. She tells her audience she doesn’t care if they like her and just cares that they believe her. Her attorneys tell her that along with the settlement comes a non-disclosure, which means she can never tell her story. Gretchen looks out into the audience and says, ‘maybe’.

Movie Quotes

“Start with a clear villain: liberal judge, pinhead mayor, Hollywood, Vermont Conservatives want to conserve. You’re the last defense against Jesus-hating, trans-loving, Clinton-controlled Armageddon.” – Jess Carr 
“I did the seminar twice. I never heard about a hotline.” – Julia Clarke
“‘Cause its B.S.! Our contracts give them the right to monitor our communications. A hotline in this building is like a complaint box in Occupied Paris. Basically, we’re telling women: go on and speak up for yourself. Just know the whole network is with Roger. You want airtime, assignments, show slots? Go ahead and call the paranoid guy handing them out to a pervert. And do so on an anonymous hotline that he controls, using phones he has a contractual right to record.” – Megyn Kelly

“This is the only job I’ve ever wanted. I don’t want to be on TV, I want to be on Fox! My family, everyday of the week, and every holiday, especially, we watch Fox News. We’re like addicts.” – Kayla Pospisil

“To be clear, I will not be kissing Trump’s ass at nine o’clock.” – Megyn Kelly
“We fight tomorrow’s fight tomorrow.” – Roger Ailes

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly

Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson

Margot Robbie as Kayla Pospisil

John Lithgow as Roger Ailes

Allison Janney as Susan Estrich

Kate McKinnon as Jess Carr

Connie Britton as Beth Ailes

Liv Hewson as Lily Balin

Brigette Lundy-Payne as Julia Clarke

Anne Ramsay as Greta Van Susteran

Elisabeth Rohm as Martha MacCallum

P.J. Byrne as Neil Cavuto

Alice Eve as Ainsley Earhardt

Ashley Green as Abbey Huntsman

Holland Taylor as Faye

Malcolm McDowell as Rupert Murdoch

Richard Kind as Rudi Giuliani

Andy Buckley as Gerson Zweifach

Stephen Root as Neil Mullen

Brian d’Arcy James as Brian Wilson

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1917 is a 2019 American epic war drama film directed by Sam Mendes and produced by Sam Mendes, Pippa Harris, Jayne-Ann Tenggren, Callum McDougal and Brian Oliver.  The screenplay was written by Sam Mendes and Krysty Wilson-Cairns.

1917 | 1917 Movie Poster | 2019 | Nineteen Seventeen | Dean-Charles Chapman | George MacKay | Daniel Mays | Colin Firth | Pip Carter | Andy Apollo | Benedict Cumberbatch | Richard Madden | Andrew Scott | Mark Strong | Adrian Scarborough | Claire Duburcq | Richard McCabe | Sam Mendes | www.myalltimefavorites.com | www.myalltimefavoritemovies.com
1917 Movie Poster

Rated:  R (movie contains violence, some disturbing images and language)
Run Time:  1h 59min
Release Date:  December 25, 2019 (USA)
Genre:  Drama, War
Director:  Sam Mendes
Studio:  Universal Pictures
Budget:  $100 Million
Box Office:  $249 Million

1917 stars Dean-Charles Chapman, George Mackay, Daniel Mays, Colin Firth, Pip Carter, Andy Apollo, Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Madden, Andrew Scott, Mark Strong, Adrian Scarborough, Clair Duburcq and Richard McCabe.

1917 is the story of Lance Corporal Will Schofield (George MacKay) and Lance Corporal Tom Blake (Dean-Charles Chapman), who are ordered by General Erinmore (Colin Firth) to carry a message across enemy lines to Colonel Mackenzie (Benedict Cumberbatch) of the Second Battalion of the Devonshire Regiment, calling off a scheduled attack at dawn that would jeopardize the lives of 1,600 men, including Blake’s brother Lieutenant Joseph Blake (Richard Madden).

On April 6, 1917, British aerial reconnaissance observed the German army pulling back from a sector of the Western Front in Northern France. However, they later determine that it is not a retreat and the German’s had made a tactical withdrawal to re-position to the New Hindenburg Line, where they have been building up troops in an attempt to overwhelm the British battalion with artillery. Meanwhile, a British regiment assembles to wage war deep in enemy territory. With the new intelligence, now time is of the essence to get a warning message to the Second Battalion to call off their attack. If the regiment does not receive the message in time they will walk into a trap and be massacred.

Now its up to Schofield and Blake to cross no man’s land to what they have been told are now the abandoned German trenches to get the orders to MacKenzie to abort his attack before dawn tomorrow.

Movie Quotes

“I hoped today might be a good day. Hope is a dangerous thing.” – Colonel MacKenzie
“Three miles deep, field fortifications, defenses, artillery, the like of which we’ve never seen before. The 2nd are due to attack the line shortly after dawn tomorrow. They have no idea what they’re in for. And we can’t warn them. As a parting gift, the enemy cut all our telephone lines. Your orders are to get to the 2nd at Croisilles Wood, one mile south east of the town of Ecoust. Deliver this to Colonel MacKenzie. It is a direct order to call off tomorrow morning’s attack. If you don’t, it will be a massacre. We will lose two battalions. Sixteen hundred men, your brother among them. You think you can get there in time?” – General Erinmore

“I’m bloody starving, aren’t you? I thought we might get some decent grub out here. It was the only reason I decided against the priesthood.” – Lance Corporal Tom Blake

“There is only one way this war ends. Last man standing.” – Colonel MacKenzie

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Dean-Charles Chapman as Lance Corporal Tom Blake

George MacKay as Lance Corporal Will Schofield

Daniel Mays as Sergeant Sanders

Colin Firth as General Erinmore

Pip Carter as Lieutenant Gordon

Andy Apollo as Sergeant Miller

Benedict Cumberbatch as Colonel MacKenzie

Richard Madden as Lieutenant Joseph Blake

Andrew Scott as Lieutenant Leslie

Mark Strong as Captain Smith

Adrian Scarborough as Major Hepburn

Claire Duburcq as Lauri

Richard McCabe as Colonel Collins

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