He’s Just Not That Into You

He’s Just Not That Into You is a 2009 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Ken Kwapis and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Mike Stenson.  The screenplay was written by Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn and the film is based on the self-help book ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ which was written by comedian Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo in 2004.

He's Just Not That Into You Movie Poster | Jennifer Aniston | Scarlett Johansson | Drew Barrymore | Ben Affleck | Bradley Cooper | Justin Long | Ginnifer Goodwin | Jennifer Connelly | Busy Philipps | 2009
He’s Just Not That Into You Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains sexual content and brief strong language)
Run Time:  2h 9min
Release Date:  February 6, 2009 (USA)
Genre:  Romance, Comedy, Drama
Director:  Ken Kwapis
Studio:  New Line Cinema




He’s Just Not That Into You stars Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Ginnifer Goodwin, Bradley Cooper, Justin Long, Kevin Connolly, Kris Kristofferson, Mark Silverstein, Morgan Lily, Busy Philipps, Sasha Alexander and Natasha Leggero.

He’s Just Not That Into You is the story of nine different people and each has different romantic issues they are dealing with, some of them together.  Three of the five women,  Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin),  Beth (Jennifer Aniston) and Janine (Jennifer Connelly), who work in an office together.

Gigi is single and is very interested in meeting the right man but she tends to over analyze “the signals” men give off and assumes they are interested in her, even when they don’t call her.  While venting her frustration at a bar she meets the bar manager Alex (Justin Long) who helps her interpret the signs and signals given off by her dates.

Beth on the other hand is living with Neil (Ben Affleck) and they have been a couple for 7 years and she wants to get married but Neil is firmly against marriage and wants them to stay together the way they are.  Beth is feeling pressure because she has two sisters who are already married and a third that recently got engaged.  She confronts Neil about their relationship and when he tells her he still doesn’t want to get married, she breaks up with him and he moves out and lives on his sailboat.

Janine however is married and she and Ben (Bradley Cooper) are in the process of renovating their new house together.  Janine is somewhat of a paranoid neat freak and finds signs that Ben may have started smoking again which sends her into a tizzy because her father died as a result of smoking.  Ben and Janine have been together since college and got married after Janine issued an ultimatum… marry her or break up.

Movie Quotes

“There was Don, that broke up with me every Friday so that he could have his weekends free.” – Gigi 
“They’re just so sneaky that you think it was your idea.” – Angela

“We are all programmed to believe that if a guy acts like a total jerk that means he likes you.” – Gigi

“You are my exception!” – Alex

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Movie Stars

Scarlett Johansson as Anna Marks

Jennifer Aniston as Beth Murphy

Ben Affleck as Neil

Jennifer Connelly as Janine Gunders

Drew Barrymore as Mary Harris

Ginnifer Goodwin as Gigi Phillips

Bradley Cooper as Ben Gunders

Justin Long as Alex

Kevin Connolly as Conor Barry

Kris Kristofferson as Rod Murphy

Marc Silverstein as Bartender

Morgan Lily as 6 yr. old Girl

Busy Philipps as Kelli Ann

Sasha Alexander as Catherine

Natasha Leggero as Amber Gnech