She’s Funny That Way

She’s Funny That Way is a 2014 American screwball dramatic comedy film directed by Peter Bogdanovich and produced by Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach, George Drakoulias, Logan Levy and Holly Wiersma.  The screenplay was written by Louise Stratten and Peter Bogdanovich.

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She’s Funny That Way Movie Poster

Rated:  R (movie contains language and sexual references)
Run Time:  1h 33min
Release Date:  August 21, 2015 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy Drama
Director:  Peter Bogdanovich
Studio:  Lionsgate Premier




She’s Funny That Way stars Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Kathryn Hahn, Imogen Poots, Illeana Douglas, Graydon Carter, Rhys Ifans, Will Forte, Cybill Shepherd, Austin Pendleton, Tatum O’Neal, Richard Lewis, Debi Mazar, Jennifer Esposito and Quentin Tarantino.

She’s Funny That Way is the story of renowned Broadway director Arnold Albertson (Owen Wilson) who despite being married, hires an escort/call girl named Izzy (Imogen Poots) who he has been with before. Being a famous director, Arnold uses Derek as his alias name when he hires escorts.  Izzy dreams of being an actress and during their encounter, Derek’ offers to give her $30,000 in cash in exchange for her promise to stop being a call girl and pursue her true goal.  Izzy is torn on what to do and seeks the counsel of a therapist named Jane Claremont (Jennifer Aniston) and the first thing Dr. Claremont tells Izzy is to soften her name and start identifying with the softer side of herself and to start using her full name Isabella and to give the actress idea a shot.  Arnold is in the process of casting his next production called A Grecian Evening which stars his wife Delta Simmons (Kathryn Hahn) and Seth Gilbert (Rhys Ifans) as her counterpart.  As casting continues the next person reading for the part of a call girl is announced as Isabella Patterson and when Arnold sees her, he is immediately uncomfortable as Izzy starts reading dialog while Arnold is sitting next to his wife.  After the audition, Arnold says he did not think she was right for the role but Delta and Seth both loved her performance and say she needs to be in the play.  The intertwined relations of all roles lead to misunderstanding, hiding in the bathroom and various surprises.

Movie Quotes

“Eight million people in New York and it seems like everybody knows everyone.” – Izzy 
“If you promise me tonight that you aren’t going to do this again, I’ll give you thirty thousand dollars.” – Derek
“You’re not really serious?” – Izzy

“Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.” – Izzy

“I got the part!” – Izzy

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Owen Wilson as Arnold Albertson / Derek

Jennifer Aniston as Jane Claremont

Kathryn Hahn as Delta Simmons

Imogen Poots as Isabella Patterson / Izzy Beatty / Glowstick

Illeana Douglas as Judy

Gradon Carter as Limo Driver

Rhys Ifans as Seth Gilbert

Will Forte as Joshua Fleet

Cybill Shepherd as Nettie Finkelstein

Austin Pendleton as Judge Pendergast

Tatum O’Neal as Waitress

Richard Lewis as Al Finkelstein

Debi Mazar as Vickie

Jennifer Esposito as Margie

Quentin Tarantino as Himself