Titanic is a 1997 American romantic disaster film directed by James Cameron and produced by Jon Landau and James Cameron.  The screenplay was also written by James Cameron.

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Titanic Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains disaster related peril, nudity, sensuality and brief language)
Run Time:  3h 31min
Release Date:  December 19, 1997 (USA)
Genre:  Romance, Drama, Action, Adventure
Director:  James Cameron
Studio:  Paramount Pictures




Titanic stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Gloria Stewart, Bill Paxton, Bernard Hill, Victor Garber, David Warner, Danny Nucci, Ewan Stewart and Michael Ensign.

Titanic is a fictionalized story about the sinking of the RMS Titanic and two people from  different social classes whose paths cross during its ill-fated maiden voyage. Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) wins passage on board ‘the ship of dreams’, the magnificent RMS Titanic in a poker game and gets to head back to America in luxury.  Along the way, Jack meets Rose Dewit Bukater (Kate Winslet) as she perilously hangs off the back of the ship contemplating suicide to escape her socialite lifestyle. Jack talks Rose out of jumping and in trying to help her back over the rail, she slips and is hanging by one hand off the back of the ship. Jack manages to pull her back on board and as crewman from the ship arrive, Jack is found in a precarious position. Nearly arrested, Rose explains how she was looking over the back of the ship to see the propellers and slipped and Jack saved her. As a thank you, Rose’s fiance Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane) invites Jack to their socialite dinner to hear about the adventure.  Jack accepted and went back to steerage where his quarters were.

Movie Quotes

“Where to, Miss?” – Jack Dawson
“To the stars.” – Rose DeWitt Bukater 
“She can stay afloat with the first four compartments breached but not five. Not five. She goes down by the head, the water will spill over the bulkheads, from one to the next back and back… there’s no stopping it.” – Thomas Andrews

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.” – Rose DeWitt Bukater

“All right, you have my attention, Rose. Can you tell us who the woman in the picture is?” – Brock Lovett
“Oh yes, the woman in the picture is me.” – Old Rose

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson

Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater

Billy Zane as Caledon ‘Cal’ Hockley

Kathy Bates as Molly Brown

Frances Fisher as Ruth DeWitt Bukater

Gloria Stewart as Old Rose

Bill Paxton as Brock Lovett

Bernard Hill as Captain Smith

Victor Garber as Thomas Andrews

David Warner as Spicer Lovejoy

Danny Nucci as Fabrizio De Rossi

Ewan Stewart as 1st Officer William Murdock

Michael Ensign as Benjamin Guggenheim