A League of Their Own

A League of Their Own is a 1990 American romantic comedy film directed by Penny Marshall and produced by Elliott Abbott and Robert Greenhut.  The screenplay was written by Lowell Ganz and Babaloo Mandel and is based on the story by Kelly Candaele and Kim Wilson.

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A League of Their Own Movie Poster

Rated:  PG (movie contains language)
Run Time:  2h 8min
Release Date:  July 1, 1992 (USA)
Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Family
Director:  Penny Marshall
Studio:  Universal Pictures




A League of Their Own
 stars Geena Davis, Tom Hanks, Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, Lori Petty, Megan Cavanaugh, Tracy Reiner, Anne Ramsay, Jon Lovitz, Freddie Simpson, Ann Cusack, Bitty Schram, Garry Marshall, Patti Pelton, Bill Pullman, Tea Leoni, Renee Coleman, David Strathairn, Harry Shearer and Eddie Jones.

A League of Their Own is the story about Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) and Kit Keller (Lori Petty) who are sisters who joined the first female professional baseball league during World War II.  The sisters struggle to help the league succeed and battle with their own growing personal rivalry.

Movie Quotes

“Careers and higher education are leading to the masculinization of women, with enormously dangerous consequences to the home, the children, and our country. When our boys come home from war, what kind of girls will they be coming home to? And now the most disgusting example of this sexual confusion: Mr. Walter Harvey of Harvey bars is presenting us with women’s baseball. Right here in Chicago, young girls plucked from their families are gathered at Harvey Field, to see which one of them can be the most masculine. Mr. Harvey, like your candy bars, you’re completely… nuts.” – Maida Gillespie
“Uh, Lord, hollowed be Thy name. May our feet be swift; may our bats be mighty; may our balls… be plentiful. Lord, I’d just like to thank You for that waitress in South Bend. You know who she is – she kept calling Your name. And God, these are good girls, and they work hard. Just help them see it all the way through. Okay, that’s it.” – Jimmy Dugan

“Great game, Jimmy. I especially liked the move in the seventh inning when you scratched your balls for an hour.” – Ira Lowenstein

“Well, bite my butt and call me an apple! She nearly took her head off!” – Stadium Announcer

Official Movie Trailer

Movie Stars

Geena Davis as Dottie Hinson (C)

Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan

Lori Petty as Kit Keller (P)

Madonna as Mae Mordabito (CF)

Rosie O’Donnell as Doris Murphy (3B)

Megan Cavanaugh as Marla Hooch (2B)

Tracy Reiner as Betty Horn (LF / P)

Bitty Schram as Evelyn Gardner (RF)

Ann Cusack as Shirley Baker

Anne Ramsay as Helen Haley (1B)

Freddie Simpson as Ellen Sue Gotlander (SS / P)

Renee Coleman as Alice Gaspers (LF / C)

Jon Lovitz as Ernie Capadino

Garry Marshall as Walter Harvey

David Strathairn as Ira Lowenstein

Patty Pelton as Marbleann Wilkenson

Bill Pullman as Bob Hinson

Tea Leoni as Racine 1B

Harry Shearer as Newsreel Announcer

Eddie Jones as Dave Hooch