Silverado is a 1985 American western crime drama film directed by Lawrence Kasdan and produced by Lawrence Kasdan.  The screenplay was written by Lawrence Kasdan and Mark Kasdan.

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Rated:  PG-13 (movie contains sexual content, language, crude humor and some drug references)
Run Time:  2h 13min
Release Date:  July 10, 1985 (USA)
Genre:  Action, Crime, Drama, Western
Director:  Lawrence Kasdan
Studio:  Columbia Pictures
Budget:  $23 Million
Box Office:  $32.2 Million

Silverado stars Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn, Kevin Costner, Danny Glover, Jeff Goldblum, John Cleese, Brian Dennehy, Linda Hunt, Rosanna Arquette, Jeff Fahey, Ray Baker, Richard Jenkins, Lynn Whitfield, James Gammon and Thomas Wilson Brown.

Silverado is the story of a rambling cowboy named Emmett (Scott Glenn) who was just released from jail after serving time for killing a man and is headed for the town of Turley to join up with his brother Jake (Kevin Costner) and head on to Silverado. On his way to Turley, Emmett comes across a man lying in the desert named Paden (Kevin Kline) who was robbed and left for dead with no clothes, no horse and no food or water.  Arriving in Turley, Emmett and Paden meet Mal, another cowboy who gets run out of town by Sheriff John Langston (John Cleese).

They discover that Jake is locked up and awaiting a hanging for killing a man (in self-defense). In Turley, Paden is thrown into jail with Jake after he encounters and kills one of the men who robbed him. Emmett helps his brother and Paden escape their jail cell and the three are pursued by Sheriff Langston’s posse. Mal is a sharp shooter and targets Langston and helps them escape.  Mal joins them in their journey to Silverado. Soon after arriving, they discover that the town has fallen into the grasp of greedy rancher Ethan McKendrick (Ray Baker) and corrupt Sheriff Cobb (Brian Dennehy) with whom many of Emmet’s men have unfinished business.

Movie Quotes

“Blind Pete always said you’d hang. I guess tomorrow at dawn he’ll be proved right.” – Emmett
“Ten A.M.” – Sheriff Langston
“Oh, right, I always thought they did it at dawn.” – Emmett 
“Today, my jurisdiction ends here. Pick up my hat.” – Sheriff Langston

“I am the Evening Star. I’m always there, but only shine at night.” – Stella

“All I did was kiss a girl!” – Jake

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Movie Stars

Kevin Kline as Paden

Scott Glenn as Emmett

Kevin Costner as Jake

Danny Glover as Mal

Jeff Goldblum as Slick

John Cleese as Sheriff Langston

Brian Dennehy as Cobb

Linda Hunt as Stella

Rosanna Arquette as Hannah

Jeff Fahey as Tyree

Ray Baker as McKendrick

Richard Jenkins as Kelly

Lynn Whitfield as Rae

James Gammon as Dawson

Thomas Wilson Brown as Augie