Far and Away

Far and Away is a 1992 American romantic drama film directed by Ron Howard and written by Bob Dolman.

Far and Away Movie Poster
Far and Away Movie Poster

Rated:  PG-13 (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Run Time:  2h 20min
Release Date:  May 22, 1992 (USA)
Genre:  Drama, Romance, Action, Adventure, Historical
Director:  Ron Howard




Far and Away stars Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Thomas Gibson, Robert Prosky, Barbara Babcock, Colm Meaney, Michelle Johnson, Wayne GraceClint Howard and Brendan Gleeson.

He left behind everything he knew for the only thing he ever wanted.  Joseph Donnelly (Tom Cruise), a poor tenant farmer agrees to assist Shannon Christie (Nicole Kidman), a rich landlord’s daughter when she decides to run away and flee Ireland to travel to America and be an American pioneer and land owner in Oklahoma during the land rush in 1889.

Movie Quotes

” This was our dream together.  I don’t want this without you!” – Shannon Christie
“I’ve no wish to fight ya.” – Joseph Donnelly
“I tried to prove myself to you, but I know nothing of Books, or Alphabets, or Sun, or Moon, or … All I know is Joseph Loves Shannon” – Joseph Donnelly

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Movie Stars

Tom Cruise as Joseph Donnelly

Nicole Kidman as Shannon Christie

Thomas Gibson as Stephen Chase

Robert Prosky as Daniel Christie

Barbara Babcock as Nora Christie

Colm Meaney as Kelly

Michelle Johnson as Grace

Clint Howard as Flynn

Brendan Gleeson as Social Club Policeman

Wayne Grace as Mr. Bourke